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Forgetting My Perfect Offering

I must make way. What I mean is, so much is jammed inside me, and writing is a means of making room, clearing a space---thin of otherwise.

I'm striking a deal, via The Isolation Journals: I am launching my 100-Day Project on April 1. The deal? I will commit a single creative act each day for 100 days.

This contract reminds me of what makes me quit, what brings me back, and what I want from this.

  • Blocks: Self-doubt, criticism, not-enoughness (which nearly kept me from starting this blog post today), and crushing expectations.

  • Motivators: Low bar (no high expectations, nothing to tie up in a bow; routine (a little every day, bird by bird, step by step, this is a marathon and not a sprint, all-or-nothing attitudes are militaristic bullshit), calendar (see below). Oh, hell yes: I am X'ing off each and every day.

  • Mood Intention: Free, flowing joy, curiosity, LOOSENESS.

  • Pep Talk: Systems will save us (from that Atomic Habits guy, thank you. What I'll whisper to myself: We need you. We want to connect with you. Your voice is NOT too loud.)

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